I Forgot

I forget
All those little things
I wanted to tell you
Filling the moment
And gone the next

Like how I was sitting
cool in the shade
with the wind
blowing my hair into
impossible tangles
It curled you know
as it never does
And the soft music
slowed down

when he saw I was

right there and far away

Or of how I had forgotten
How easy it was
To warm oneself in the sun
Lying on bare rocks
Pulling on a simple garment
When it became too warm

Of how couples jogged in rhythm
By the waters blue
And strangers smiled
Laughing together at the nothingness
Of the moment

Precious nothing
In a land soaked with blood and firesmoke
The echoes of the booming guns
Drowned by the happy children squealing
The squall turned to sunshine

I forgot to tell you of how
The sun climbed high
As if pushed by the sea breeze
To warm my cool stone bench
Where I lay
Claiming my pine scented sky
Blue spangled with fluff

Of the two ladies and me
And our wordless bond
As we watched over each other
As cigar hunting lotharios
Walked past
Kissing couples and us
Holding up our end of the world

Precious moment of nothing
And I forgot to tell you
To make much of it
You know,these nothings
They mean so much to me.


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