Then there are days when all is well

And yet, one hears the distant knell

It has to come. No – the skies are clear

There! A boom! Thunder – do you hear?

I hear it close, I hear it nigh

My mind does my heart belie

All is well, you heard it said

Yet, dratted knell can’t cast off its heavy tread

You’ll hear it come from far away…


Now shoo! Trouble, you stay away!

I’ll whip you and thrash you if you come too close

Hang you by your sorry toes…

Worry and Whine, you take heed too

I’ll be having none of you

I’ll wrap me warm and hold my lead

And I shoot straight – I warn you, Dread

And now that you Fears have been put on hold

I’ll get back to work – I’ve left stories untold.



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