I’m Waiting

I have been waiting all day

For the moment, for the meeting

Of minds and more

Of plans to find a home and soar

I have been waiting

Steadying, Circling, not Straining

Against the leash that is not

and yet one is caught

In its reach

anything else would be fraught

The fear of a cold stare

The blank look

The unsaid dare

Of being and not ever being there


Waiting for the face, the name

Waiting to play the game

We used to play time and again

No sight of those clouds

No sign of any rain

I have been waiting

As parched as the earth

The cracks begin to show

Patched over – you know

They call it foundation

Built strong in slow patience

Lest the green shoots begin to show

And something new begins to grow

Perkily waving in convention’s face

Growing at its steady invisible pace

A mind of its own – it started the race

Shred it, tear it out – show it no grace

In our perfect world it has no place

Disrupting our perfect rhymes

Singing along to unheard chimes

No – stop – these are unsafe times

And there is no time to play.

As the empty swings wait

As the sparkling giggles abate

The squeaky roundabout- comes round

Waiting, as I wait

For the world to set itself right

To bring the the red carpet in sight

Some of us need the applause, the light

Some, the quiet, sure hand held tight

Prepare – then to alight

Buffed, bouffanting skirted delight

Sparkling, blinging, lined up in paparazzi sight

Step up, step out, Lean in, Have it all

Drink deep, hold it there, purrfect – don’t stall

Hold it together, fan the thrall

Keep going, don’t stop, don’t let yourself fall

Its taken much to have it at all


When you come home and kick off those heels

As each layer you put on steadily unpeels

As you come closer to me, remember

I’m still waiting.


I’m waiting for me.



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