Has anyone found my temper

I’ve been looking for it all morn

It was here a moment ago

And now it seems to have gone


I keep it safe from all the world

Tucked away tight and warm

Shield it from harm and sight

Of the myriad troubles that swarm


I hide it till it cannot be heard

Nor seen above the din

I keep it in check – so much

Even so, it shows up on whim


It is an unruly beast we know

We cannot allow its say

Else its hot breath will blow

Till it blows all breath away


If you find it raging away

Taking a deep breath, pretending to swim

Walking innocently along the way,

Trap it quickly and box it in


Bring it to me and I’ll deal with it

Keep the lid on- it will keep us safe

For once this temper has its way

There will be little left sans chafe


Steady now, and no one gets hurt

Calm down and carry on as before

Unspew those words rash and curt

Scold it – no outings any more!


Give it time before the clean up can begin

Temper on the move? A guaranteed mess

Something that should never have even been a thing

Gah! sickening – like a bad move at chess.



(Will edit it one day 🙂 But at least I found it this way!)


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