It’s not you, it’s me
It’s me, caring more than caring should be
It’s me, waiting with unbated breath
For you and me to be

To be in the moment of now and then
Holding on to whatever we ken
For life’s a tumble and merry be the ride
Of stolen moments we smuggled to our den

I’ll never tell you of the ache I hold
Nor hear of the pain you’ve never ever told
Life’s a breeze as it passes us by
Casting us in customary mold

We’ve had our fun and we bide our time
There are dances to dance and poems to rhyme
And laughter that creases us alike
Growing together in half mocking mime

Maybe it is the breaths that tandem
The words that bubble over in streams random
The unending conversations left hanging mid air
Maybe we never really need to land ‘em

Its not a tidy beginning middle and end
Not a parcel wrapped and ready to send
Its a muddle and a meander and an intertwine
And you’ll find me where you drove me – round the bend!



One thought on “Bend

  1. Zindagi mein aaye tum
    Chaahton ke rastey
    Kaash ye rastey sanam
    Kat jaayein hanstey hanstey
    Soniye dildara tere pyaar toh main vaariyan
    Meriyaan duwawaan tainu lagjaye saariyaan #Music

    Guess the song 🙂

    To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand & eternity in an hour ~ William Blake

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