A rhyme no more at first encounter,
A silly children’s game
We whirled like Dervishes en chanted
Stopping only when we’d said your name
We stood still as your many statues
Till we dissolved in laughter inane

How was I to know then, or before
That you would be the one
Where I kept my heart, the comfy bits
To which for calm, I’d run
That home to me would now mean you
You, unpredictable host of the sun

You grew on me a little bit by bit
When I came to you to dwell
Unpeeling layers of tales you held
In little lanes behind each Bell
We learnt each other’s ways and curves
Beyond seeming eccentric shell

We fit so well, I lost myself
In your ways steeped in time
I liked your greys they call so dull
Even the showers – they were fine
The sunny days, they brought new joy
A sort of embarrassed to be there sunshine.

I could laugh and joke about our time together
Now that it seems to be in the past
But I miss you so, you of callused tether
And the humour that will not be parsed
Instead, I tell everyone of your weather
They think it’s mere social ballast

Why would I tell them of the looks we shared
When a pushy one entered our lane
Or the shrug that travelled in unnoticed wave
From cardi to cardi in chain
I hold it close, it is dear to me
This quiet outrage in vain

When I come back home to roost
With nary a nod to explain
Why memories of grand adventures had
Are better with the patter of insistent rain
To the warm cupppa made with cold milk
Its embrace just so, almost, if mildly sane.

(c) meeta w sengupta


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