Bring up a Man

Bring up a man and not a boy
Show him that everything is but a game
But nothing ever a toy
And all that is played will be played again

Teach him to hunt and not to dig
For secrets that don’t belong to all
To trust and never believe
In promised lands beyond the fall

Teach him to build for the morrow that never may come
And that today’s work will never be done
To try the mettle and seize the day
Never give up, there is always another way

When the going gets tough, as it sometimes will
Let him bear with the rough and swim with the kill
Rowing steady in stream with rhythm to his oars
Crossing troubled times with graceful mores

Let his ears be sharp, his voice be soft
Let his eyes carry some stick
May his spine be steel tested true and strong
And his heart beat steady, reassuringly warm

Teach him to love and lose again
And lose himself in love to gain
The love of those who have lost and found
The deep pools of love in which we abound

Bring him up to be strong and true
To watch over seeds that have been sown
Knowing fully well all the time
It is you that really that he has grown


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