It’s Okay

Do you even know who I am
You sniggerry man on the street
Who dares to look at me
As if I’m one you’d like to meet

Your eyes smile across the road
In instant inclusion into your fold
No, you creep I’m nothing to you
Don’t talk to me, don’t look so bold

The familiar look it creeps me out
I gave no reason..I did not look out
I look at myself, I look just fine
Ah there comes the worm, the niggly doubt

It must be time to bring me to book
Else, would empty space deserve a look
My presence enough to cast a thrall
As if you weakling have no willpower at all

Your eyes, they come hither my way
Your libido apparently in my sway
The sight of my face does shake you so
Apparently you forget whether you were to come or go

I fear the power you think I wield
You fear that I’ll compel you to yield
Laughable that this ridiculous power game
Has been the cause of so much shame

Else why would you try to hold me down
Why would you send me to back room town
Why don’t you play it fair and square
Come along, try it, if you dare.

It’s okay to lose in a while
It’s just life, not some sexist guile
Just get on with our jobs it’ll be fine you’ll see
Feminism isn’t some great conspiracy


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