Do not worship me, I am not your Goddess
Nor your mother or sister, nor more or less
I am just a passerby

Do not ask me to hold your values true
While you play with my virtue
I am not your keeper

Do not burden me with motherhood
In the mould that you see as good
I am me, as I am, free

Free to be the woman I want to be
To grow into values that let me see
The world with my own eyes

Do not tell me what to wear
Or how much I dare to bare
I own my body, only me

Do not assume I am soft if I smile
Or affection my only tool, my whims a guile
I am choice, let me be

Do not hold me to a higher standard
I do not bear your future alone
I am in the present, with you

I am not a flag, nor a bearer
I’m your partner, not your carer
Step in time with me

Do not seek to make me yours
Neither to give nor to take
I make me

(c) meeta sengupta

(Standard Disclaimers apply)


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