The smile that traveled with us
Still remembers our road
How could she not remember you,
She visits me often

Our little smile
She has grown on me
I carry her about
All the while

If love does turn
As it does when asleep
Our some, she is with me

So much so that when they see
it gone they ask
What happened to your smile,
so free

How do I tell them that it was never mine
It was given to me in the lee
In the lee of the love that grew with me
She came, insidiously

The smile that traveled
From you to me
Has grown up suddenly
It has found a life of her own

It comes in sweet silence unbeknown
Filling every bit that forgot to breathe
It spreads through crevice and bone
Pulsating reflexively

Creeping up to twinkling eyes
Dancing, Oh, so suggestively
Slow and languorous in its sweep
Smiling deliciously

Even when it is time to go
Even through the ebb and flow
You take your love to places you know
This smile you leave with me


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