Every time I see your name
My heart skips a beat
It is as if the world has stopped
And I with it
I look at the name in wonder
How could it have a life of its own
How could it be out there
Before I had known

Each time I see my name
I wonder what that is
doing out there
all alone
Surrounded by all and sundry
Who are not my own
Glittering away in splendour
As if in great company

I see your face out there
and I stop, forget to think
How could it be there
When I am here
Your voice inside my head
Does not have a face
Nor does the consanguineous mind
So who is that I see
With eyes and a nose and lips
like another being
But thoughts inside mine

I do see my face to
suddenly in the mirror
Or a photograph in a book
or a magazine or someplace
They must have taken it
When I was not looking
Or did not care
It looks like a person
Who does not care
But is it really me
A stranger looks back at me
with my own eyes
As if to say,
I see, I see.


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