Rabbit Tale

Did I tell you
the tale of the
rabbit in a pen
It wrote itself out
Again and again
It had a tale to tell
And it just didn’t know
Where to begin

When started it is begun
It’ll never ever be all done
Who knows better than a rabbit
Of the lineage that goes on and on
Ever expanding, out of control
Breeding away regardless of a goal
Till soon you find one fine day
That it’s all gone far away

It’s not your tale anymore
You look blankly at your semaphore
Where are the ones that got your code
The believers who made you the mode
The faithful have long been led
Along expanding paths, they’ve gone, fled
And you, alone hold the flag you had
Now faded, forgotten, a little sad

A story that wrote itself out
As it grew
A story remembered only
By the faithful few
A pebble that rippled into waves
Cast askew
A story given away in its telling
Retold anew
Like all stories, it is really
Often about the winds that blew.

What of the rabbit you ask
The one who started it all?
It’s around, still holding its ground
Until landfall
It isn’t just his senility
Denying its own progeny
The tides of time ride on many a deep scar
Carrying us away, unrecognisably far


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