Unhanded Chain

I keep coming back
To meet myself again
I have been here

I come back to meet you
Smiling at the shades of me
That you carry, unknown

Strangers on the timeline
Living my life over
Even I thought it was mine

Even I thought I was alone
In growing up to calm
I see you have found my place

You, of the motherhood
Discovering your child anew
We all travel that road
Careless with our footsteps
We tripped along
Thinking we were the first
The rough edges, the unmarks
On this path, the ups the downs
Were left in our wake
We moved on, leaving it as we found it
For you to discover
And make your own

You, the young wife,
Searching for that refuge
You were told would be yours
It is a place we have all seen
And learnt, that we all make our own
Even if it has been done before
There is none to share
You would not have it so
It is the same, no different from the
Ones that have come before
And yet you would have your own

You, climbing the ladder
Feeling each victory alone
We too stepped on giants
They had left their bone
Strong and scaffolded
For us to call upon
The cry it seemed unheeded
But was heard by those who had gone
Through those very rites of passage
That you are now on

I hold back from holding your hands
From pointing the light
As you find your way
Building, discovering, owning
What you think has been your find
your wisdom eternal and profound
Is not yours alone
We too did not see the signs left
behind for us
Nor realise how much we built on
what had come before
And will stay
As it will for you, becoming yours
For the day

I smile as I see you
Grow into a skin you found
We know that these abound

We smile as we were smiled upon
by those who came before
A chain, handed unseen, unbound.


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