Do you know that rush of love
That makes me want to hug you now
To hold you close
And squeeze you
Till you feel loved
And gasp out – wow!

What happened,
you ask,
In gentle amusement
Is everything okay
It is not like you
To show so much love
In the middle of a working day

I look at him and grin
A foolish one no doubt
But can the stars in my eyes
and loopy lips then
Do anything but shout
I love you, you silly thing
I love you out loud

You look a little pleased
Who doesn’t like to be loved?
Your smile ripples through
All the strings that’ve been tugged
What? You ask. What happened?
Nothing, I grin through a muffled mumble
Nothing that you need to be told.

It’s nothing that is different today
That you don’t already know
It’s the same old same old us
That we carry in every tow
We live with it, it’s so close to us
We know it’s ebb and flow
Today, I just let it show 🙂


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