Closing a Door to You

Closing a door
means little, I know
When all doors and windows
were open to you

You had right to every passage
Walking through
As if permissions
Were for lesser souls than you

You visited crannies
And corners
Covered in cobwebs
and Sanctified Dust

Dank, unused rooms
Began to smell of you
A slow lingering whisper
Shadows of a saucy smile askew…

No doors were slammed
Or harmed
In the making of this
Forgotten moment

The dust begins to gather again
Demanding its due…
What do I tell that corner
That asks again for you…

The door that we closed
Does not stop that ray of sun
Creeping slowly through our rooms
As if searching for you

As if all she wants
Is to casually walk over
Swiftly piercing through
To rest her light within you

As if
You knew


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