Doesn’t Matter

It couldn’t be the end of the world
Or whatever you call it
It’s not as if you could not bear
(The burden)
How much I do not care

I don’t care anymore
For the moments of dismay
When all that I am
(And do)
Is thrown in casual disarray

When we talk about you
It’s meaningful chatter
The moment we turn to another
(That’s me)
It’s merely meandering natter

It really doesn’t matter now
Whether you care or don’t
It’s not worth a minute more
(I count)
Of looking your way – I won’t

Each time you walk your callous tread
With your nose ascendent in grime
I take a step backing away
(Watch me)
I’m stepping away from your slime.

Don’t you now say
That they all go away
Why would anyone stay
(like me)
You have room only for one way


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