Empty Seat

Empty Seat

There is an empty seat next to me
In this busy cafe in this busy town
A grown up town rushing citylike
Left a seat for you next to me

To have you sitting in that chair
Toiling in stoic symphony
As we weave our own worlds
In concurrent contiguous disconnect

We would, you know, know
That the moment was not ours
And yet we would remember it forever
As the moment we forgot all scars

The world would whistle past
In a blur faint as mist
The swords and clubs would have their play
We’d barely catch their gist

We would fight our own battles
Sitting here side by side
Our shoulders barely brushing
Our strengths joined at the tide

We would not help each other
Maybe not even reach out
And in that moment focused on another
We’d never have been more together

(c) Meeta Sengupta


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