Who Now

Who do you talk to these days?
Who fills your days and hours?
Who chatters by your pillow now?
Who challenges you to mock wars?

Do you still stay awake
By the ghostly light of the phone?
Tapping away in consonance
Knowing you are not alone…

Whose smile fills up your moments
Do you still look away and blush?
Thinking no one has seen you…
Who now, gives you that rush?

Who can, now, make you feel
On top of the world in one?
Or drop you like a hot stone
When it’s barely just begun :/

Who can do your head in,
And crush your heart to bone
Bring your song to life and then
Laugh it away. Ash, overblown.

Who takes you on tumultuous ride
Across space and time and more
Meandering slowly, still at will
Knowing your childish need to score

Tell me, have you found her now?
….. Or actually never do
Tell me there never can be
One such as me with you.

(c) Meeta Sengupta


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