Delhi you searing beauty
Carrying a bite in each tale
A sting in each story
A snark in what you thought was banter
And so, yes so?

Did you think it was glitter
This refraction through smashed glass
This gathering of riff raff
Hot stones and thorns
That crush you to the bone
Leaving you cold and alone
In swift speedy tones

Till raucous laughter jolts
And you mock,
for what else is there
But a deep belly laugh
That rises like a wave
Tiding you from this moment to the next

It means nothing
But carries that zing
That shakes you awake each morn
So what if it is a drag
You know that if you are in Delhi
A laugh for life,
Is never far behind.

They say you pretend
It’s all a sham, a facade
That’s all they see
Those who swim shallow
Delhi is not for you,
It may be a whore but it is not easy

Your dive must be deep
Till you discover
The deep rumble
All the way within
laughing it all off to say
So what if the world is all wrong
Tomorrow is another day
And it will be mine.

Here, have a tandoori
Smash a little onion
A small drink, and stretch out
Where you can
For tomorrow is another day
To make mine.


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