Before I forget
I will have to learn
This is not pain
It is a lesson that I earn

To let go, they say
Is the only way ahead
I wonder when I do
Would I still recognise treacherous tread

I won’t let it change me
I had sworn even then
True I have been
Trouble – it is them

The betrayal did not bother me
Shocked though I was
The raised fingers pointing
Clearly without cause

It rings within still
And rakes old wounds
When I think of how stupid
Are the cliqued and groomed

To join together in malice
To close ranks sans sense
Their numbers did not add up
And we’ll never be friends

I will forgive them all
Even forget – but wait
Brainless belief that held them in thrall
I can never condone that state.

(c) Meeta Sengupta


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