Lustrous To the Last

Flecked in several shades of grey
Unable to claim the high moral ground
Of choosing a side – even as they did abound,
Knowing only black or white could play

Others in denial of the fence
Snaked through and below
Sneaking behind the rest
To hide their ambivalence

For who would dare
To call it a journey
When the markers were so murky
Just one stood tall
Staking itself for silver
Signalling proximally
The golden years.

They stare at me
It was you
who brought us to this
Only to be abandoned
At the loss

Are you even mine, I question
Look at you, all grey
(Silver you say)
As you stand, all but cast
Balanced on the toothed edge
Of the silver spined pair
Claim, set and match
A worthy tussle to the last

In the solace of the self
I stand before the mirror
Remembering the moment
When I pushed too hard
Tugging through the locks
Forcing through when
There could be no give
Or take
Nothing, but the break

You came away,
Parted at the roots
No longer those glorious tresses
Highlighting vanity’s messes…
Yet you shine,
Forcing me to face
Your silent case
Wondering at the tests of time

Today you have fallen
My lustrous comrades
We battled well and long
Together, we were one
So long, no more
Shall we meet at the siege
The battle for the crown
Has been standed down.


One thought on “Lustrous To the Last

  1. Mohabbat ek khushboo hai
    Hamesha saath chalti hai
    Koi insaan tanhai mein bhi
    Tanha nahi rehta

    Parakhna mat , parakhney mein
    Koi apna nahi rehta
    Kisi bhi aaine mein der tak
    Chehra nahi rehta

    ~ Nida Fazli

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