Once I tried to be perfect
The perfect person
The perfect wife
The perfect professional with
the perfect life
The perfect mom, and what do you know
I even wanted to own
the perfect strife.

To be on the winning side
against all odds
A battle a day, why one
Why not compete with the gods
Into the raging waters I dived
Emerging glorious
with the tide,
Swimming, perfectly of course
I was in for the ride

The ride, the race was mine to win
For I, was trained to bear and grin
The toll that it took beneath
The perfect veneer upper sheet
I could not do less, I had built
This house of cards – it could not tilt
Lest it crash, and crash it would
Unless I balanced it on the hilt
Of the sword that was me,
Standing tall, precariously.

And so one day, when the most was done
I dusted my hands, and watched the fun
I let the house crash, come down and fall
And I tumbled along with it all
Lo, and see, it did not die
Amongst the fragments did I lie
And see the laughter bubble and spout
From perfection – we were breaking out
And it’s been years since I’ve been one
Madam Perfect, she is the sun
We worship her everyday
From the perfect distance – far away.

(c) MeetaSengupta


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